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SPICE- ‘A Better Treatment’

Spice are so damn good. Their debut album was identifiably punk- powered along by driving drums, catchy riffs, and the sneer of erstwhile Ceremony frontman Ross Farrar- but it was much more than that. There was a rough, ready, improvised vibe. There was a total, brilliant disregard for genre conventions. There was violin! This new two-song EP doubles down on […]

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SPICE- ‘Spice’

For an album apparently inspired by various states of human suffering, the self-titled debut effort from California collective, Spice, sure is a lot of fun. Yes, there are fidgety punk rock rhythms here and no shortage of anxiety on the lyric sheet, but there are driving drums, catchy riffing, and a satisfying kitchen-sink approach too. So it is that opener […]

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