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Albums of the Year- 2020

It’s been a tough year… No, that feels like an understatement. Worst year ever? Maybe. It’s somehow felt like the longest and the shortest 12 months in human history, a hurry-up-and-wait of terror and tension and “what the fuck is going on”. A calendar of unprecedented chaos. Like every shitty year before this one though, 2020 was somewhat saved by some superb […]

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CASPIAN- ‘On Circles’

First, Caspian went dark. Their last album, ‘Dust and Disquiet’, might not have been their loudest but it was certainly their most intense- a storm cloud of post-rock influenced by anxiety, uncertainty and death. And then Caspian went quiet. That shadowy opus was easily a career-best but they’ve followed it up with five years of silence.  The Massachusetts men don’t want […]

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And just like that the best weekend of the year is back. Yeah yeah, argue all you like but there is no other festival with this many great bands in such a great space watched by such a great crowd. For three years now the folk behind ArcTanGent have successfully increased the size, scope and ticket sales of their festival […]

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