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I hope you find something to love. BON IVER– Jelmore BORN GOLD- Lawn Knives BATS- Old Hitler OUT OF BODY– Leaping Faith SIGNALS MIDWEST- Sanctuary City SOMOS- Ammunition PINE- Maladroit GAFFA TAPE SANDY- So Dry WILD PINK- How’s the Tap Here JOYERO– Salt Mine EL TEN ELEVEN- A Watched Pot INFINITY SHRED- Earth TOOL- Faaip de Oiad TENGIL- The New […]

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BON IVER- ‘i,i’

Three years since it first emerged to passionate praise and perplexed head-scratching and seemingly nothing in between, Bon Iver’s last album, the enigmatic ’22, a Million’, still rewards repeat listens. From its abstract artwork and song titles, ‘i,i’ initially promises more of the same. There’s even a grand concept in play- this is apparently the final ‘season’ of Bon Iver, […]

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BON IVER- 22, a Million

I can’t do this justice. It’s a jaw dropping record, in more ways than one, and I simply don’t have it figured out. I’m not sure I ever will. It is safe to say that Justin Vernon has left the cabin. There are no rootsy unrequited love songs here, verse-chorus-verse is all but abandoned, and connective tissue with ‘For Emma, […]

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