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JESU- ‘Terminus’

It had been so long. Ok, so nobody is calling Justin Broadrick a slacker. There is pioneering industrial, jarring post-punk, dense metal, council estate electronics, and time as a member of Napalm Death on his resumé, and he’s pretty much released something new every year since 1984. And he hadn’t even neglected Jesu really. Fresh mixes of old records keep […]

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JESU- ‘Never’

Way back in 2010, Jesu mastermind Justin Broadrick declared that his band had strayed too far from the guitar-driven sound that he had intended, and too far into electronica. He resolved to divert the electronic elements into a new project called Pale Sketcher and return Jesu to its roots. And it worked. For a while. But now, on ‘Never’, the […]

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