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Listen to LIES

Mike and Nate Kinsella, cousins and colleagues as members of American Football and Joan of Arc, have formed a new band named LIES. The somewhat subdued, daydreamy sound of the all-caps outfit will be familiar to fans of the duo’s previous work but there have also been a few new ingredients in each of the handful of songs they’ve released so far. ‘Camera Chimera’ […]

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Friend/Enemy aren’t strictly a new band. They released their debut album, ’10 Songs’, way back in 2002. But they fell dormant soon after and while the members have been very busy elsewhere, it’s been radio silence ever since. That is, before suprise-releasing a second full-length just last week. HIH NO/ON by Friend/Enemy About those members. Friend/Enemy is yet another project […]

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Music travels well. And it can move faster and farther than the most avid sightseer. For example, at some point in the last decade the emo of the American Midwest made it to the other side of the world, all the way to Wuhan, China. There, the excellently-named Chinese Football started experimenting with dreamy emo and jazzy licks. And they’ve […]

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