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So long 2017 you miserable no-good bastard. Oh sure, some outstanding records saw the light of day last year but god damn were some of the days dark. No pressure then 2018, but you kind of need to turn this whole thing around. Yet more excellent music will help of course and while the records that make the deepest mark […]

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GALLOWS announce new frontman

Following on from speculation here, Gallows have announced that Wade MacNeil is their new singer. The band apparently courted the now-former Alexisonfire guitarist/singer for the role only a few weeks ago but they have already rehearsed, written and recorded together, including cutting a song MacNeil describes as “the most brutal thing the band has ever written. The harshest, heaviest song […]

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ALEXISONFIRE call it quits

Alexisonfire are no more. Frontman George Pettit revealed the news yesterday in an open and honest statement over at the band’s website. While the success of guitarist Dallas Green’s City And Colour project seems to have been the beginning of the end, it’s guitarist Wade MacNeil’s decision to “join another band” that’s put the nail in the coffin. MacNeil’s departure […]

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