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Everything sounds the same. At least that’s what people unfamiliar with the far ends of alternative rock might say should they pass Fernhill Farm this weekend and only briefly listen in. But for two amazing years already ArcTanGent has proven the exact opposite. Under a (weather appropriate this year) umbrella of noise, math and post-rock the festival has presented a […]

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PRAWN. Bowery District, Reading. 25.06.15

There’s just no clue in that name. It’s so damn unassuming. And the boys in the band look like they’d rather have a friendly chat about the Kinsella family back catalogue than ever really raise their voice. Ok, perhaps it should’ve been a clue when bassist Ryan McKenna asked for “more bass, everywhere” during his sound check but it just […]

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LISTENER. Sanctuary, Basingstoke. 28.08.12

Listener’s ‘talk music’ has been described as aural marmite. You either love it or you hate it. Well, adoration overflows in Basingstoke tonight. This gig is sold out, and the crowd eat it up. As enigmatic punk poet Dan Smith takes to the stage, accompanied by his massively bearded, multi-instrumentalist main hombre Christin Nelson and now a drummer, a hush […]

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THRICE. Forum, London. 30.04.12

This is a big day. That’s clear before the Forum doors even open tonight. There are people in the queue from as far afield as Portugal, Poland, and… er, Putney, and they’re swapping stories about a band that changed their lives. Over the past decade see, Thrice have gone from skate-punk upstarts to a leading light in their scene, scratch […]

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HUNDREDTH. Face Bar, Reading. 23.02.12

Most of Hundredth’s songs are about hope, pushing forward, and moving on. The few that aren’t tend to deal with escaping small towns and the people, practises and attitudes within them. It might seem more like punishment than reward then, to play a show on a gloomy Thursday in Reading. But if the South Carolina outfit feel any twinge of […]

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EVERY TIME I DIE. Concorde 2, Brighton. 01.12.11

Every Time I Die are a runaway train. They’re a firestorm, a powerhouse, a prize fighter delivering knockout blow after knockout blow. Brighton has seen all sorts of course but only rarely a crackling, commanding, confident show like this. This is the sound of a band satisfying their fans, certifying their authority and silencing their critics. Because it hasn’t always […]

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