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Some records don’t scream “look at me” but still catch your ear. Some records don’t shake the ground before them but politely make their mark by doing all the right things in the right order. These are records like ‘Aurora’. Because while this debut by fantastically-named Belgian quartet Slow Crush isn’t going to make anyone’s jaw drop or drag nu-shoegaze […]

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TENGIL- shouldhavebeens

There was little clue in Tengil’s first album, the admittedly epic ‘Six’, that the Swedish quartet were capable of anything like this. They proved that they could play, sure, mixing dark hardcore and post-rock with aplomb, but from long, sinister stanzas and eerie spoken word passages to cover art of a grey face crying black blood, they seemed like a […]

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It’s a genuine surprise to hear ‘Only Us’, the first track on Thrice’s tenth album, begin with a bubbling, ominous synth line. It’s a mile away from the powerful roar of the California quartet’s past– no one should expect that anymore- but it is striking, interesting and new. Unfortunately, few moments following it truly demand your attention. Over the last […]

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That’s a truly terrible band name. But the clunky moniker aside, Cheerbleederz haven’t really put a foot wrong here. It might be because the London trio haven’t attempted too much but from the bouncy buzz of ‘Staying Up Late’ to the infectious melodies of ‘Cabin Fever’, this is four tracks of simple but ever-so-effective indie pop. There is verve and […]

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‘Loved’, a scintillating smoke monster of a record, finds KEN Mode returning to do exactly what they do best. The Canadian trio’s noise rock tendencies might have angled out of control on their last album but this is the kind of acrid, bubbling melting pot of off-kilter hardcore, ugly metal, noise and fury that first forced them under a spotlight. […]

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RONGEUR- An Asphyxiating Embrace

Rarely has a record been so appropriately titled. ‘An Asphyxiating Embrace’ truly does want to crush the life out of you. Rongeur’s debut album is made of hulking hardcore, slow-shifting sludge, and blackened metal and the Norwegian trio don’t seem to care what bits they bang you over the head with next. At its best it’s propulsive, compelling stuff but […]

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