Drama, discussion, dissection, interviews, end of year lists, album of the decade stuff. Just as soon as we get around to writing it all down. Moderate Rock is music journalism with heart and soul.

This isn’t about being firsties, flaming anyone, pleasing people for favours, or getting a plus one. It’s about trying to write honest, real reviews of alternative music. Sure, you might recognise the writing style from places like Rock Sound, Rock Midgets, Planet Loud and New-Noise but there are no hidden interests here, no hit chasing, no cabal of hacks behind the curtain. This isn’t like a dead magazine or a hipster blog, it’s something different, something cut and paste but alive and electric, made only because we love music. In short, Moderate Rock is conceived, created and cared for by best friends keeping both ears to the ground but keeping it decidedly old school. That’s why all the cassette tape, get it?

Oh, that doesn’t mean we don’t dream big though, someday we’ll write a movie.

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