Irene Moretuzzo and Lorenzo Dall’Armellina might have just done it. They have might have nailed it. In naming their band, they might have made the moniker that most closely captures the sound of now, of the shimmering swell of the shoegazey dreampoppy glazyhazy scene that’s increased in popularity around the world over the last few years.

Whatever music you’re thinking of when you hear the name Glazyhaze, that’s exactly how they sound.

The Italian duo formed in 2021 while only teenagers and, really annoyingly, are still teenagers today. Not that you could tell that from their debut album, released via Slimer Records this past May. The record feels lived-in and grown-up and rarely-rushed. The record (titled ‘Just Fade Away’, because of course it is) is obviously inspired by genre stalwarts but it also cleverly cribs notes from lesser-quoted names like Galaxie 500 and Throwing Muses. It features a ton of familiar warm sounds, hazy riffing, and radio static but, unlike a lot of new bands with similar sonic interests, has actual songs too.

‘Saltless’ is my pick of the bunch- a rolling, reverberating cut that manages to introduce jagged guitars and waves of distortion without ruining a distinctly warm yet melancholy vibe. And while the band prove themselves adept at going long elsewhere, it also wraps up in a peachy three minutes.

For fans of Slowdive, Laveda, glazes and hazes.

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