June, already. That’s a bit mad, right? Maybe it always feels a bit mad and I just block it out every summer. They say the days are long and the years are fast, or something like that. But you know what makes everything seem just about manageable, what makes everything slow down. Of course you do. It’s the music, man.

In May, for me, it was Indonesian indie, Greek post-punk, Spanish Love Songs, and so much more.

I hope you find something to love.

  • DIRT BUYER– ‘On & On’
  • TEENAGE WRIST- ‘Sunshine’
  • CROUD- ‘Somehow (Eventually)’
  • BROKEN HEAD- ‘I Want Everything’
  • MILITARIE GUN- ‘Very High’
  • YOUTH VALLEY- ‘Hurricane’
  • TAN UNIVERSE- ‘Sunshine Shrine’
  • RAUE- ‘Karma’
  • SHE’S GREEN- ‘Bleed’
  • COLA- ‘Keys Down If You Stay’
  • WINE PRIDE- ‘Lone Flyer’
  • TRUE WALT- ‘Now, Nowhere’
  • SISTER RAY- ‘Pressing Down’
  • SUMOS- ‘Mostly Harmless
  • ODA FELICIA- ‘Weed (2011) – rev. 3’
  • GRAYWAVE- ‘Cycle’
  • BOSSES– ‘Sick’
  • HALCYON LOW- ‘House of Gold’
  • GOUGE AWAY- ‘Idealized’
  • RICKY EAT ACID- ‘True Ending (Something Vaguely Sad)

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