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Everyone hates bosses, right? But Bosses, the brand new band based out of Chicago, I love.

Originally conceived as a solo project by singer and guitarist Harlee Young, Bosses is now a five-piece featuring erstwhile members of Old Coke and Dead Sun.

The well-travelled Young has spent time in the music scenes of Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York before arriving in Chicago, and you can hear that sonic melting pot bubbling behind everything Bosses have released so far. Around a core of strong, melodic alt-rock swirls shoegaze, grunge, unique structures, and experimental textures.

Debut single, ‘Overkill’, is a lush, hypnotic, almost Deftonesian number that has the exact kind of cover art you might imagine.

The follow-up three-track EP released two months ago, ‘Jokes’, definitely does not have the cover art you’re expecting, but still sounds incredible throughout.

For fans of Slow Crush, Cloakroom, and slipping into the abyss.

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