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You know that lightning strike feeling when you hear a new song by a new band and you think, even if for a second, that it might be the best song you’ve ever heard? Well, Dirt Buyer just hit me with 1.21 gigawatts. ‘On and On’ is my favourite song of 2023 so far.

Let’s rewind. Dirt Buyer is New Jersey-born, New York-based Joe Taylor Sutkowski. Or at least it was. The project began as an outlet for Sutkowski’s sombre folk-influenced emo. The singer and guitarist even released an album titled ‘Of Wisdom & Folly’ under his own name in 2021.

Now though, Dirt Buyer is a full band. Sutkowski’s songs needed more– more layers, more movement, more noise- and Dirt Buyer evolved past a two piece noise-pop project with drummer Ruben Radlauer, into a trio completed by bassist Emma Stacher. They released a self-titled record in 2019 and are gearing up to release another.

‘On and On’ is the first taste of that upcoming album. And it feels like Dirt Buyer have been supercharged. The wonky, weird and wonderful rock of that debut is still present and correct- nothing has been traded- but the pace and the melody and all the other things that make any song stick in the folds of your brain have been multiplied and made massive. Sutkowski wrote the new track on a quick turnaround just before recording the song at The Outlier Inn in the Catskills. The melody and riff for the song were formed in the days leading up to the session and the lyrics struck the frontman right before he had to sing them—letting the words come to him and find their correct place within the contours of the track.


For fans of Horse Jumper of Love, Manchester Orchestra, Spirit of the Beehive, and, I’m sure, bands with normal names too.

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