The members of Object Of Affection are no strangers to stage or studio. The Los Angeles outfit feature erstwhile members of Fury, Warfare, Lock, Lovesick, La Bonte, and Death Bells. And maybe, just maybe, if you put all those bands in a blender you might get the sound of this new one. But really vocalist Colin Knight, bassist Garrett La Bonte, drummer Nick Nadel, and guitarists Madison Woodward and Remy Veselis are doing something new here.

Object of Affection play epic, atmospheric modern gothic-tinged rock. They combine memorable, melodic riffs with animated post-punk rhythms to make music that somehow sounds appropriate for both hazy sunlight days and black starry nights. Press play on the video for their new single below for proof.

The band emerged in 2020 with a self-titled debut EP (complete with very cool artwork) before following that up with some stray singles, including ‘Through And Through’ via Suicide Squeeze last year. Today they shared details of their first full-length album, ‘Field Of Appearances’ (complete with less cool artwork, below). Produced by Alex Newport and engineered by Phillip Odom, the 10-track record will be available via Profound Lore in March.

For fans of early The National, late AFI, leather jackets on the beach.

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