Add Thousandaire to the long long list of bands with plans permanently altered by COVID-19. The Atlanta, Georgia trio released their self-titled debut in 2020 but instead of being able to hire a van and take their tunes on the road, the band were trapped at home, their strategies stifled.

If he was frustrated, frontman Andrew Wiggins was at least used to waiting. After coining the band’s name way back in 2008 it took the guitarist and vocalist almost a decade to find the right people to help him take the project full-time. He even experimented with bedroom recording and sampled drums before bassist Adam Weisberg and drummer Chad LeBlance joined the fold

Now though, Thousandaire’s time might have finally come. This week the band release their second full-length, ‘Ideal Conditions’, via Colonel Records. It’s nine tracks of wonderfully weary indie, sour but sneaky-melodic melancholy rock, and brilliant nineties-influenced fuzz and roll. And, what privilege, they can actually tour in support this album too. They’ve just finished a 10-date run with a new drummer, Tom Bruno, in tow. Don’t miss out if they play near you- at the speed these guys operate it might be another decade before they’re back.

For fans of Hum, Pixies, and The Jesus Lizard.

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