Listen to LIES

Mike and Nate Kinsella, cousins and colleagues as members of American Football and Joan of Arc, have formed a new band named LIES.

The somewhat subdued, daydreamy sound of the all-caps outfit will be familiar to fans of the duo’s previous work but there have also been a few new ingredients in each of the handful of songs they’ve released so far.

‘Camera Chimera’ is perhaps their most unique offering yet, incorporating synthy swirls, crunchy electronic pulses, and propulsive percussion. Press play below to see its glitchy video.

In Mike Kinsella’s words, “‘Camera Chimera’ is about the scary—and often crippling—side effects of interacting/existing on social media. It’s about not only feeling manipulated by others, but also being confronted with the reality and consequences of your own lies and manipulation, and how that can mentally and emotionally cause one to spiral.”

Keep watch for news of an album, likely in the new year, via Polyvinyl.

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