This month’s mixtape was a (relatively) long one, but I couldn’t help myself- there was so much music I wanted to shout about. And, from pioneering elder statesmen of rock to one of my favourite brand new bands, from skittering electronica to Scottish shoegaze, I hope you find something to love.

  • SLEEP KEEPER– ‘Paper Knife’
  • SUNSTINGER- ‘Only in the Morning’
  • BRUTUS- ‘Victoria’
  • LOVE CHEMICAL- ‘Jenny Water Dream’
  • GIFT- ‘Share the Present’
  • FLYCATCHER- ‘Sodas in the Freezer’
  • MODERN RITUALS- ‘Sonder’
  • PUSHPIN- ‘Deep Dive Brain Drive’
  • DEADLETTER- ‘Weights’
  • PIXIES- ‘The Lord Has Come Back Today’
  • WILD PINK- ‘The Grass Widow in the Glass Window’
  • SOUR WIDOWS- ‘Witness’
  • MIDWIFE- ‘Sickworld’
  • RIVAL CONSOLES- ‘Quiet Home’
  • HALINA RICE- ‘Hey’
  • PAUL LEONARD-MORGAN- ‘She’s a Pass’ (Mogwai Remix)
  • CROSSES- ‘Vivien’
  • PLEASURE CENTRE- ‘Tungsten’

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