Collectively, Sleep Keeper are a heavy shoegaze band from Terre Haite, Indiana, USA.

Individually, Sleep Keeper are vocalist and guitarist Trevor Deoreo, guitarist and vocalist Max Pesavento, bassist Aaron Powell, and drummer Jayden Trueblood.

But, whichever way you want to look at them, Sleep Keeper haven’t been Sleep Keeper for very long. Since forming in June last year though, the band have worked at breakneck pace and their debut EP, ‘Moonswimmer’ was released on cassette tape this past July.

In the words of Ian from the Baron Tapes label, “I definitely see this band becoming a staple in DIY shoegaze. Each of these songs shows what the genre of shoegaze has to offer- with ‘Paper Knife’ being spacey and heavy sounding at the same time. ‘Moonswimmer’ continues that with more spaced-out, delayed sounds and ambient feelings. And ‘Gone Since Tomorrow’ ends the EP off with… a distorted echoey masterpiece…”

In my words, the EP is 12 atmospheric minutes of equally dense and dreamy (if slightly directionless) distortion packed with emotion and the potential to stand out in an increasingly saturated scene. And that choice of format just makes sense- Sleep Keeper will sound great spinning around on thin black plastic.

For fans of Glare, Gleemer, and Greet Death.

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