New groups made up of rock band lifers are always great. I don’t mean any part-time superstar side projects, I mean people who have been kicking out jams for decades deciding to unite under a new name and playing new music just because it’s in their blood. I’m not going to run any numbers to prove it, I don’t need to, I can just feel it in my guts and in my bones and all that good stuff. 

Case in point, Calm Collapse

This Seattle trio are made up of Doug Lorig on guitar and vocals, Rob Smith on drums and keys, and Jon Pease on bass- former members of also-recommended outfits like Traindodge, Roadside Monument, Medicine Bows, Museum of Light, and more. These are dudes who know every detail of the inside of a touring van and the inside of a truck stop and the inside of a toilet circuit venue. Vitally, they also know their way around a good riff. 

You can hear proof of that last part by pressing play on the band’s very first single, the rumbling, dynamic ‘Positive Greed’, below.

In Lorig’s words, “It has been my passion since I was a little kid to create music. And that passion still lives on to this day as I’ve gotten older. I still love the process of creating, recording, and playing music live.”

See, it’s in their blood.

The band’s debut album, ‘Mirrored Nature’ is due out November 25th via Spartan Records.

For fans of Baroness, Soundgarden, and sweating, swearing, and screaming next to your friends.

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