The Darling Fire are evolving. The band, made up of former members of Shai Hulud, The Rocking Horse Winner, Further Seems Forever and more, released their debut album in 2019- a neat, nuanced mix of alt-rock, shoegazing textures, and post-hardcore energy- but will return later this year with something “much more abrasive, gloomy, and brooding”.

The Florida-based five-piece will release their second record, ‘Distortions’, via Iodine Recordings in October. In more of their own words, it’s “more metal influenced than indie. Bleak, somber, and enchanting.”

Press play below to hear ‘Machina’, the first song on the new album, and check out how The Darling Fire have changed.

For fans of Cocteau Twins, Deftones, Spotlights.

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