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There’s very little to give the COVID-19 credit for. But without that world-altering event, 84 Tigers might not exist. This new band, featuring old members of Small Brown Bike and The Swellers, formed in early 2021 determined to fill their pandemic-enforced downtime with something more than existential dread.

In the words of drummer Jono Diener, “The pandemic changed the way we all looked at music. For once it wasn’t about the next tour, or the next show. We had to laser focus on the music, so that’s exactly what we did. Everything felt organic and natural, from writing to recording to mixing. We just followed our gut and didn’t overthink it, hoping to capture some of the urgency and intensity in the songs.”

The end result of the band’s endeavour is their debut album, ‘Time in the Lighthouse’, due out this October. It’s a record of dynamic alt-rock, driving post-hardcore, and noisy but still melodic punk rock rippers. You can get a first taste of it by pressing play below.

As well as the album release, the future for 84 Tigers includes a tour with The Casket Lottery, shows with Shiner, and just seeing how damn far this thing will go. Or as frontman Mike Reed puts it, “Since day one with this band, we wanted to keep an open mind creatively and let the natural chemistry between the three of us take it wherever.”

For fans of Braid, Piebald, Small Brown Bike, and sweating through plaid shirts.

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