This month’s mixtape was a monster! At 24 tracks and over 90 minutes of music it was the longest mix since, I think, the middle of last year. But I want you to hear every song, every one of them made me stop and take notice, and most of them did that thing to the hairs on the back of my neck. There are no hangers-on here. It’s just been that kind of month.

From Mexican post-hardcore to UK punk rock, from one early album of the year contender to another, I hope you find something to love.

  • ALEXISONFIRE– ‘Sweet Dreams of Otherness’
  • PALPS– ‘AVA’
  • ME REX- ‘Jupiter Pluvius’
  • LAVENDER BLUSH- ‘The Spark’
  • CAMICHES– ‘Durmiendo en el Camino’
  • LOOSELEAF- ‘Spring’
  • CROWS- ‘Room 156’
  • DRUG CHURCH- ‘Detective Lieutenant’
  • MUSEUM OF LIGHT– ‘Love Song’
  • ALL STRUCTURES ALIGN- ‘Structures of Wood’
  • CRUSH- ‘Backwards 36’
  • SUGAR FOR THE PILL- ‘Quicksand’
  • MYSTIC SEERS- ‘You Caught Me Lyin”
  • PERSICA 3- ‘Faux Punk’
  • DAVID KNUDSON– ‘Jealous Time Steals’
  • NEW GERMAN CINEMA- ‘I Become Heavy’
  • ††† (CROSSES)- ‘Inititation’
  • MIDWIFE- ‘Send the Pain Below’
  • HYPNOTIC KINGDOM- ‘Like a Ghost’
  • WORRIEDABOUTSATAN- ‘Sigourney Weaver Fanclub President (r Benz Remix)’
  • HALOSAR– ‘Exit Wounds’
  • HOLY FAWN- ‘Death Is a Relief’

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