Hear new music from former BOTCH/MINUS THE BEAR guitarist

Former Botch and Minus The Bear guitarist Dave Knudson is releasing a solo album! 

‘The Only Thing You Have to Change Is Everything’ is out May 13th via Platoon Records. You can get a first taste of that by pressing play on the video below, and see its bright pink cover art right under that.

The vocals on the song above are supplied by the record’s producer Sam Bell, while another track on the record finds Knudson reuniting with former Minus the Bear singer Jake Snider. In fact, Knudson seems keen to point out that this isn’t really a solo album at all, and features contributions from Bayonne, Julia Kugel of The Coathangers, and The Sand Band. That’s nice and all, but as long as the dude is tapping out some killer riffs and creating catchy, experimental jams, I’m all in.

Maybe my biggest takeaway from all of this though, is that I’ve been saying the dude’s name wrong for 20 years! Apparently, he prefers to go by David, not Dave. And his surname is pronounced Kuh-nude-son, not Nood-son. And I would feel truly terrible about that if these new songs hadn’t made me so damn happy.

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