Museum of Light believe opposites attract. They love the light as much as the dark, the heavy as much as the soft, and dense, doom-laden riffs as much as eerie, loaded ambience.

In the words of the Seattle outfit’s guitarist and vocalist Ted Alvarez, “Those would seem to be incompatible, but the more we played, the more we realized those two things could mesh, and could be incredibly appealing to us. For us, both are coming from places of joy, pleasure, and serenity as opposed to anger or rage. Don’t get us wrong — there’s plenty of wonderful aggressive music that comes from those places. But there sure is a lot of it already. This stuff should be a release to listen to and certainly to play, and that’s ultimately a positive vibe.”

You can hear how the band balance their sound by pressing play below. Be warned, the hazy, repeated vocal melody might get stuck in your head for days.

Museum of Light’s debut album, ‘Horizon’, will follow in June.

For fans of Baroness, Hum, and heavy metal that sounds like it should be played in deep space.

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