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In zoology, palps are pairs of elongated segmented appendages near the mouth of an arthropod, usually concerned with the senses of touch and taste.

In music, Palps are a band from Essex, usually concerned with big rock riffs, post-hardcore zeal, and feelings of nostalgia, melancholy, and defiance.

The four-piece might have started life sounding a little too much like their influences, but they’ve improved with every new release, growing in confidence and quality, and their debut album, ‘Black Heart’, is their most ambitious effort yet. Its eight tracks (each with an accompanying video) tell a story of a character with failing mental health, and the fallout on them and those around them.

The record is due out later this year, but you can hear a first taste of it by pressing play below.

For fans of early Foo Fighters, latter-day Finch, and Funeral For A Friend.

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