DRUG CHURCH- ‘Hygiene’

It’s not often you feel short-changed by one of the best records of the year. But on first listen, ‘Hygiene’, the fourth Drug Church album, goes by in a blur. The New York outfit rattle through 10 songs in 26 minutes here, and some seem to stop dead just as they should go supernova. That feeling never really goes away but subsequent listens reveal a record that’s not just brief, but bulletproof. ‘Hygiene’ is entirely fat free and laser-focused, a hyper-concentrated volley of high-quality punk rock made to smash and grab your attention. ‘Fun’s Over’ is a 90-second blast of now-trademark Pixies-esque riffing, ‘Super Saturated’ turns lyrics about rabid mobs and flaming skulls into a guaranteed singalong, and ‘Million Miles of Fun’ is perhaps the most immediate thing this band have ever recorded, a number one hit in another dimension, which is really saying something. The band even find space to try something new- ‘Premium Offer’ is the gnarliest pop song of the year, and by Drug Church standards ‘Plucked’ is grimy, grubby, and almost metallic. Brilliance at speed, ‘Hygiene’ is worth every penny.

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