The debut EP from Kyiv’s Milktuth is a satisfying buzzy ball of diverse alt-rock sounds that feels like it could have been released any time in the last 30 years. In less than 25 minutes here, the quartet touch on indie riffs, dreamy pop, shoegaze, a touch of almost-acoustic punk, and more. The title track keeps things relatively simple- combining summery, upbeat music with clean but melancholy vocals- while ‘Seagull’ ably illustrates the band’s knack for uncommon, interesting compositions- a bouncy bass line pretty much the only constant among ever-changing, layered guitar parts. ‘Easy’ could have come out decades ago then, but it’s also impossible not to place it among contemporary current events. Whether they were penned before or after the invasion of their home country, there is now no way to read lyrics about safety and sanity, and lines like “The right is yours, to live as you are. We are diverse, we are under the same skies” as words of freedom, hope, and maybe even defiance.

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