We did it, guys. We made it another year. I’m so proud of you.

Let’s not list the worst things that happened hey, we just don’t have the time, but the best thing is easy- we got to hear more music!

A look back at my favourite albums of the year is here, and below is December’s mixtape- a little dark and a little gloomy to suit the weather outside.

I hope you find something to love.

  • COLOR PALETTE- ‘Porcelain’
  • FAILURE- ‘Water with Hands’
  • GLARE- ‘Ghastly’
  • DREAMTIGERS- ‘Stolen Moments’
  • CLOAKROOM- ‘A Force to Play’
  • ARTSICK- ‘Ghost of Myself’
  • LAKES- ‘Must’ve Run All Day’
  • BROOKHAVEN- ‘Palma’
  • AMERICAN GRANDMA- ’03/13/2021′
  • BLUE CHEMISE- ‘Meadowsweet’
  • AMERICAN FOOTBALL- ‘Fade Into You’
  • CROSSES- ‘Goodbye Horses’

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