SPICE- ‘A Better Treatment’

Spice are so damn good. Their debut album was identifiably punk- powered along by driving drums, catchy riffs, and the sneer of erstwhile Ceremony frontman Ross Farrar- but it was much more than that. There was a rough, ready, improvised vibe. There was a total, brilliant disregard for genre conventions. There was violin! This new two-song EP doubles down on all of that. ‘A Better Treatment’ is inspired by the death of a friend but a brilliant raucous rager (it seems the more dreadful the story behind a song, the more fun Spice have playing it), a rolling, rising, falling churn of drums and bass and noise. And while ‘Everyone Gets In’ begins in more sun-baked, world-weary fashion it soon double-times to an almost-anthemic kick-ass conclusion. Both tracks are brilliant. Both should be hyper effective for fans of both Jawbreaker and Joy Division and everything in between. Both have got me totally amped up for what Spice do next. So good.

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