BASTIONS are back!

Much-missed UK hardcore outfit, Bastions, are back.

The Welsh four-piece announced their hiatus in 2015, and I remember it feeling sudden and premature at the time. They left behind a handful of EPs, a half hour of vivid, gritty hardcore punk in the shape of their only full-length, and a ton of promise and potential. But to be fair, they didn’t call it the end then, saying “We truly believe that this isn’t a goodbye, if and when the time is right, we will be back.”

The time, it seems, is now. And this isn’t (only) a nostalgia thing- the band are back with more music. A new album, ‘Majestic Desolation’ is due out this year.

The full announcement, revealed on the band’s Facebook, reads like this…

“Sunday marks a decade since we released our only full length, ‘Hospital Corners.’ This record is meaningful to us in a lot of ways, and we hope you’ve enjoyed reminiscing with us, but as an active band, we always laboured with an attitude of ‘forwards ever, backwards never.’ To that end, over the course of lockdown, we decided to try and collaborate remotely to see if we could write some songs. There was no pressure- if nothing developed that we felt was of value, then nobody would ever know. Today, we’re pleased to say that this was not the case. In July 2021, our old friend Lewis Johns helped us bring this new material to life. This collection of songs is entitled ‘Majestic Desolation’ and you will hear more about it in due course.”


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