From punk to pure ambient, from Scottish shoegaze to Canadian indie, and from a song about dying alone to a track about never ever quitting, I hope you find something to love.

  • SUNSTINGER– ‘Shadows’
  • BLEED– ‘Silver’
  • GLEAN– ‘Faceless’
  • ANXIOUS- ‘Call from You’
  • TREE RIVER- ‘Lotus’
  • EVERY TIME I DIE– ‘Thing with Feathers’
  • CHURCH GIRLS- ‘Vacation’
  • ROPES OF NIGHT- ‘Perfect Prison’
  • TIMELOST– ‘Lifer Death’
  • SLEEP OUTSIDE- ‘Habit’
  • DRYING WEATHER- ‘Papaya Whip’
  • AEON STATION– ‘Leaves’
  • GREET DEATH- ‘I Hate Everything’
  • CAPITOL- ‘Smashing’
  • DRUG CHURCH x MIK- ‘Weed Pin (Lo-Fi)’
  • EMMA RUTH RUNDLE- ‘Return’
  • HAMMOCK- ‘Dying Alone’
  • MAYBESHEWILL– ‘Refuturing’
  • CONVERGE- ‘Blood Moon’

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