Members of THE WRENS to release new music

I love The Wrens. It’s not an exaggeration to say that hearing ‘This Boy Is Exhausted’ changed my taste in music. But, in a tale as old as time, The Wrens don’t necessarily love each other. 

The band haven’t released new music in almost 20 years but were apparently working on a new album as recently as 2019. Now though, singer/guitarist Kevin Whelan is tired of waiting. Performing under the name Aeon Station, he will be releasing his own album featuring some of his contributions to that still-unreleased record. 

‘Observatory’ features Whelan’s wife on backup vocals. It was also recorded with the blessing and musical accompaniment of every other member of The Wrens, all except for guitarist/singer Charles Bissell. The pair have apparently not spoken since Whelan decided to move forward ‘alone’. Sigh.

You can get a first taste of ‘Observatory’, out December 10th via Sub Pop, below:

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