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I don’t really feel qualified to talk about Taranoya

Taranoya is the solo project of producer Taraneh Schmidt. Originally from Iran but now based in Portland, USA, Taranoya uses ambient experimentation, subtle synths and slow-motion reverb to create lush atmospheres and barely-there dream-pop. She has released a lone EP so far but her debut album, ‘Becoming’, is out September 24th via Sound As Language. Every note on the record was written, recorded, performed, produced and mastered by Schmidt. And I’ve got nothing so far, no comment, because I’ve literally never been that in-control of any part of my life.

‘Becoming’, Schmidt says, is a personal journey through finding yourself in melancholy and grief. She aims to evoke nostalgia, melancholy and spiritual yearning. She strives to create music that leaves room for contemplation. She wants to create a soundtrack to dreams. And still I’ve got nothing, because, you know what, she’s only gone and done it all. This is music that moves slowly and quietly, sure, but it isn’t made for meditation, it routinely resists being resigned to any background consideration. Instead, it is music made to stop you from doing anything but listen. Look, I’ll keep it simple. Taraneh Schmidt is at the start of something special here, she’s creating novel sounds in an incredibly crowded space, and her music has cast a spell on me.

I don’t really feel qualified to talk about Taranoya. I’ll just listen.

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