TAYNE- ‘Coherent’

Tayne’s debut album was like a poorly thought-out mixtape. It was full of great bits and pieces, and packed with exciting potential, but it was a clashing stylistic smorgasbord. Thankfully, the band (led by the do-it-all Matthew Sutton) have streamlined their approach for this new EP, and ‘Coherent’ thoroughly lives up to its name. Sutton still has a varied taste, and a flair for the dramatic, but almost everything here sits flush, everything sounds in sync. ‘Silence’ (which is full of anything but) patiently builds from wobbling, ominous synths and tribal drums to something satisfyingly substantial and properly earns its busy electronic climax. The title track is two minutes of dark Reznorian industrial thrust, dark and intense rather than overtly aggressive. And ‘Corrupt’ is a song of two halves, beginning in chilling, almost ambient form, and finishing with striking, speaker-filling fury. For fans Black Foxxes, Poisonous Birds (who actually provide a remix here), and Nine Inch Nails. In sync indeed.

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