Look, i’m not saying that fuzzy, furious, feedback-manipulating shoegaze-savvy bands sound better in the sunshine. I’m just saying that the weather has been ridiculously hot at times this month and, well, check out some of the names below.

There’s more. From the return of Thrice to Pile playing piano, from Washington DC grunge to London emo, these are the songs that put sunshine in my life even when the weather wasn’t.

I hope you find something to love.

  • TURNSTILE- ‘Holiday’
  • DAY ACHES- ‘Wicker’
  • SPARING- ‘Lush’
  • SALT CREEK- ‘On Your Road’
  • THRICE– ‘Scavengers’
  • HOLY FIGURES- ‘Eleanor’
  • MOODRING- ‘Come and Go’
  • WINTER- ‘All I Know’
  • SLEEPWALK- ‘Underneath the Shade’
  • APPLEWHITE- ‘Do You Get It?’
  • TONER- ‘Ox ’45’
  • ENUMCLAW- ‘Free Drop Billy’
  • INCASEYOULEAVE– ‘Blood Arrow’
  • WHIMSICAL- ‘Gravity’
  • DINNER GUEST- ‘Drone’
  • TORMENT & GLORY– ‘No Big Crime’
  • JOYER- ‘Easy Things’
  • UNWEATHER- ‘Methuselah Theme’
  • BIG RED MACHINE- ‘Latter Days (feat. Anais Mitchell)’
  • PILE- ‘Build a Fire’
  • SLOW PULP- ‘Iowa’
  • THE GLOW- ‘Heavy Glow’
  • P.B.A- ‘The Virtue Signal’

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