I somehow missed the arrival of Freezing Cold. The Brooklyn-based trio released debut album ‘Glimmer’ in 2019 and it’s really great but I was just too busy fretting about the state of my life or the state of the world, and I only just caught up with it last week.

That’s because the band’s new release, a two-song EP, is impossible to miss. ‘Stuck on Hold’ is three-minutes of driving, melodic rock that sounds a little like The Strokes if that band cared at all for any kind of dynamics. And ‘Drawn to Scale’ is even better. While fluid and kind-of laid-back, there’s a tight, cohesive quality to it, every note is in its right place. I can imagine a timeline where R.E.M release this song and the world goes bananas for it.

Even better. The band- Angie Boylan, Jeff Cunningham, and new addition Leanne Butkovic- wrote the EP remotely in the middle of the pandemic. How they’ve managed to sound so joined-up and on-point while working over a phoneline in a world full of woe is so impressive to me. The thought of what they could conjure up while actually being able to create face-to-face is really exciting.

Freezing Cold might sound like a name for a hardcore band while they look more like punk rockers, and there’s a chance their music might be too indie for emo aficionados, and too emo for indie enthusiasts, but I implore you to listen to their two new songs. And then, if you missed it too, backtrack to ‘Glimmer’ for bouncy opening track ‘New Ways to Wait’, the dreamy ‘Teenage Insights’, for which the band filmed a video, and all the great stuff in between.

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