Incaseyouleave describe themselves as “miserable screamo/emo/punk from London” but every listen to the quintet’s fantastically-named debut EP, ‘Time and Why It Doesn’t Deserve Us’ makes me want to throw my arms in the air and smile.

There’s some real heavy stuff on the lyric sheet but the words are carried by electrified punk rock, by brilliantly unpredictable rock’n’roll, and by four songs played with passion and power and verve (and played live in the studio too, love that).

I can’t recommend the EP enough and every purchase helps out a good cause too. In the band’s own words, “We are donating all the money we receive through our Bandcamp from the EP to the UK mental health charity, Samaritans, who provide emotional support to people suffering from distress as well as those at risk of suicide. The support that Samaritans and similar charities provide helps so many people, and we’d like to do what we can to support.”

For fans of Meet Me in St. Louis, We Never Learned to Live, and also bands with normal names too, I’m sure.

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