From French punk rock to distorted pop out of Salt Lake City, from the return of Deafheaven to a Robert Smith side-project I had never heard before, from one-woman lo-fi vibes to landslide-heavy space rock, these are the songs that have made my heart skip a beat, or maybe double time a beat, this month.

I hope you find something to love.

  • JOHNNY MAFIA- ‘Split Tongue’
  • NIGHTWATCHERS- ‘1905 & the Muslim Exception’
  • DEAD HISTORY- ‘Where Do We Hide?’
  • WORLDS WORST- ‘Balloons’
  • RAW PLASTIC- ‘There’s No Place Like Home’
  • MAD HONEY- ‘Good Grief’
  • TRADE WIND- ‘Bishop’
  • SUNGAZE- ‘Amarillo’
  • THE GLOVE- ‘A Blues in Drag’
  • THE ALBUM LEAF- ‘Morning Dew’
  • CRESCENT- ‘Spring’
  • ANDREW HUNG- ‘Wave’
  • BLANKENBERGE- ‘No Sense’
  • HEAVENWARD- ‘Cartwheels’
  • DEAFHEAVEN- ‘Great Mass of Color’
  • OUTLANDER- ‘Sundowning’
  • LINGUA IGNOTA- ‘Pennsylvania Furnace’

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