Superbloom is a time machine.

Wait, no, I mean Superbloom is a band. This excellently-named Brooklyn-based four-piece formed in 2017 via childhood friendships and Craigslist ads, and are due to release their debut album this summer. But what this band do… oh man, what they do is create a portal back in time to 1994, to a time of gruff melodies, grunge riffs, and rock on the radio. And sure, 90s influences in modern rock sounds is nothing new but few folks seem to be doing it as candidly, and as successfully, as Superbloom.

There’s some punchy guitars, really cool vocal harmonies, and maybe even some fashion choices here inspired by grunge’s heyday. But Superbloom aren’t hiding anything. The band have openly declared their upcoming record a “love-letter to heavy alternative music”, frontman Dave Hoon told Consequence that the working name for the title track was “Bouncy Pumpkins-y Song,” and they have a track called ‘Whatever’, which I instinctively follow with “nevermind” every time the chorus rolls around.

The end result is super effective. Superbloom are fusing tried, tested, dusted off, and historically dark sounds with beams of light and big bursts of fun. Superbloom are using old ingredients to make something new. Superbloom are gonna be superstars.

For fans of Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, and time travel.

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