Everything was going right for Crash the Calm. After forming at the end of 2014, the post-hardcore outfit practiced hard, toured often, and eventually landed a record deal. They released an atmospheric full length titled ‘How’ve You Been?’ and a split EP with fellow Long Islanders Staleworth, and they were planning for the future. But then, in 2018, three of the five members departed the band overnight. 

Rather than bring an end to Crash the Calm though, the tumultuous time inspired a new beginning. Founding members Brian Dowling and Patrick Smith resolved to carry on. They brought new talent on board. They wrote about what they knew- songs of chaos and disaster and, ultimately, hope. 

The end result is the band’s second full-length, ‘A Town Named Nowhere’, a concept record that will emerge early next year. And according to first single, ‘Devils’, out last week, the trying times have gifted the band’s new music with even darker shadows and rare dramatic quality. It should be more than enough to get them back on track.

For fans of Thrice, Balance and Composure, and not quite being crushed by the weight of the world.

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