I got nothing for you here, man. 

I guess, like it says up there, just, listen to Clothesline From Hell (great name).

I’m not even sure how I heard them for the first time anymore, but I do know that as soon as I did, I wanted everyone else to hear them too. I set their new EP, ‘Something Nothing’ on repeat, fired off a tweet, and resolved to learn more about them before clarifying their quality here, in much more than 280 characters. But I’ve got nothing. I’m stumped.

As of right now, their Bandcamp page states the EP was written, recorded, and mixed by one Adam LaFramboise (great name), a resident of Toronto, Canada. And features additional vocals from Natalia Orasanin (great name). And… that’s it. The only thing waiting for me further down the search engine rabbit hole was grainy wrestling videos.

Of course it doesn’t say that ‘Something Nothing’ is a really special, magnetic slice of lo-fi rock for fans of Elliott Smith, Duster, and hoodie weather. It doesn’t say that the record is somehow frayed at the edges and packed with crystal clear, brilliant details. And it doesn’t say that ‘Summer ‘16’ is such a killer track, one of the weirdest and most wonderful of the year.

It seems Clothesline From Hell are happy to let their music do the talking. Hey, maybe I should just be happy with that too.

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  • thanks for the kind words. if you’re really curious about more details, i am clothesline from hell and @adamfromhell on instagram

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