ENVY announce live album

Envy have shared details of a new live album (maybe the last ever live album!?) titled ‘Last Wish’.

The band released their latest studio album, ‘The Fallen Crimson’, back in February. They had touring plans in place, of course, but played only one show before COVID-19 effectively halted all live music worldwide. In their own words, “Envy performed a crazy, sweaty, sold-out hometown show”.

“We were lucky that we were able to play this one gig before all live shows were canceled“, says vocalist Testu Fukagawa. “The performance itself is a bit rough and we could probably have performed better, but we wanted to send our fresh feelings to our fans by means of this performance, while they can’t see Envy live.”

I get that Fukagawa might have done things differently if he knew what was coming, but if this is ‘a bit rough’, I can’t imagine what Envy might sound like on top form.

‘Last Wish’ is out 11.11.20 via Temporary Residence.

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