So, way back when, as we spoke to then-former Brotherhood of the Lake guitarist Rusty about the turbulent past of the band, he briefly suggested the Devon outfit might also have a future. Four years later and now-current Brotherhood of the Lake guitarist Rusty and his bandmates are indeed back.

An EP, ‘Segregation is the English Way’, is now available on Bandcamp. And it’s a little over ten minutes of exactly the kind of audio terror you want out of this lot.

There’s a video for the track ‘Dirt’ too, and is fittingly traumatising stuff.

Now, there’s a chance the band aren’t actually back back. Brotherhood of the Lake teased four new songs in 2015 that never materialised. These could be they. But for now, rejoice in new noise from one of the most compelling heavy British bands to ever write a riff.

All proceeds from the sales of the EP will go to anti-racism charities in the UK.

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