EASY PREY- ‘Relentless Struggle’

Easy Prey’s last album was angry. Now, little has happened in the intervening years to provide anyone much solace, but somehow the Texas quartet’s new record sounds even more intense. There’s shrill feedback and a furious, falling-apart kind of riffing here, a frankly ridiculous bass rumble, and a frontman who sounds like he’s literally screaming for help, or for change, or for an end to *gestures wildly* all this. And that’s just the first 90 seconds. Easy Prey don’t really sound any heavier than before, but they do sound weirder, uglier, and more distorted. They still twist rock’n’roll and grunge into their venomous post-hardcore but now there are odd melodies, sparse, uneasy moments, and even eerie silences too. Even when the band slow down though, there are waves of heat coming off this thing. No, not heat, fury. Everything seems to judder and blur like when you clench your jaw too hard. It’s disorienting, probably on purpose, but it’s powerful, compelling, and hard to turn away from too.

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