It takes some guts to name your band after a song by The Cure. The rock & roll legends have got plenty of good ones to choose from of course, but each comes loaded with weight, significance, and expectation. Not that it seems to have fazed the two 20-somethings behind Just Like Heaven.

Lead guitarist and background vocalist Cam Smith, and rhythm guitarist and lead singer Cameron White, haven’t been together long but already boast a neat aesthetic and a debut record with an impressively complete sound.

On the excellent ‘Synthetic Skin’, the Alabama-based duo explore watery reverb, space rock, grunge riffs, and, yes, the kind of jangly dream pop The Cure have been known to get just right. Although the band get straight to the point when describing their own sound. “Rock,” says Smith. “We share elements of shoegaze and alternative rock, but try to blend it in a cohesive way. I think it would be hard to throw us into either of those two categories, so I’d just say rock!”

Like bands the world over, Just Like Heaven have had to cancel tour plans in the wake of COVID-19 but playing live is a priority. “We are itching to perform our music live. The moment that we can, we will,” says Smith. They also promise more new music in the near future.

Gutsy rock for Fans of Teenage Wrist, Deafcult, and Deftones.

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