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This could have been Tenace’s year. It certainly should’ve been. Since forming in 2018 the Parisian outfit have progressed remarkably quickly and ought to have spent this summer screaming and sweating across the floors of Europe’s grassroots venues. 

If their self-titled demo was a raw blast of screamo, rough around the edges but full of passion, ‘Vestiges’, released last September, feels truly refined. Vocalist Mateo Riou still sounds like he’s going to burst into flames, but behind him swirls a more dense, complex, and compelling noise. It’s reminiscent of other screamo bands, sure, but the rare likes of At The Drive-In, These Arms Are Snakes, and Thursday too.

Their latest release, a live album recorded on a French rooftop last autumn, is testament to both their ability and just how cruel it is that they can’t fulfil their destiny just yet.

Photo : CSAOH – Andrey Kalinovsky

If we ever experience ‘normal’ again, the kind of normal where Tenace get to play live like it’s clear that they can, fans of Birds In Row, Viva Belgrado, and passionate, powerful art should make it a priority to see them do it.

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