MODERN COLOR- ‘From the Leaves of Your Garden’

Modern Color continue to evolve. While once upon a time the Californian quintet could have been described as a metal band, and their first albums were melting pots of post-hardcore, here they’ve tweaked the mix again. Ok, so even at their heaviest and most aggressive, the band ably employed gritty hooks, hints of indie rock, and swirling, shoegazey sounds, but now all those elements have been brought to the foreground. Or at least further out of the background. ‘Lavender’ is a busy, clattering opener that still finds time for a bouncy riff, ‘On & Off is dreamy, distorted, underwater punk, and ‘Empty Rooms’ is perfectly balanced- driving hard edges around memorable, restrained spaces. It’s Deftones-esque even. Consistent, dry vocals, and the amount of delay and reverb in use mean some other songs struggle for details or dynamics, but ‘From the Leaves of Your Garden’ is a mature, cohesive effort. Here’s hoping Modern Color’s evolution continues apace.

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