In Parallel have got some pedigree. The group count current and former members of Celebrity and Hopesfall in their ranks. The Tennessee outfit aren’t looking backwards here though, they aren’t relying on old glories. In fact, they seem to be doing their damnedest to shed their skin and start over.

The band say they play “dramatic rock”, and while that’s not wrong, it doesn’t feel like the full story. Considering who is behind the music it won’t be a surprise to hear slow build dynamics, rolling riffs, and the influence of pretty much any Ken Andrews project here. Totally unexpected though, are digital drums, dreamy pop sensibilities, and more than a hint of U2.

In Parallel’s debut album, ‘Broken Codes’, came out in 2018 on the back of a crowdfunding campaign. Ahead of their next release, an EP called ‘Fashioner’, the band have released a video for the track ‘Leave It with the Ghost’. And if anything, it seems to increase the gothic, shoegazey vibes.

‘Fashioner’, was recorded in the band’s home studio but mixed by, would you believe, Ken Andrews of all people. Some things are meant to be. It will be out September 4th and is the band’s first release on Wiretap Records.

For fans of Hopesfall (maybe), Celebrity (probably), and Failure, Blinker the Star, Slowdive, and walking around town late at night (for sure).

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