New York four-piece Only Sibling are serious about this.

Frontman Alex Basovskiy holds a degree in finance but has turned his back on a potentially lucrative life in suits to pursue what he calls a bone-deep love of music. “There’s an intangible feeling that I get from playing music that I’m constantly chasing,” he says. “Even though it causes conflict and doesn’t offer any stability.”

Basovskiy (vocals, guitar) and bandmates Jordan Torres (guitar, vocals), Damian LaRocco (bass), and Alex Allen (drums) met in high school and bonded over their shared love of 90s alternative, shoegaze, and emo. The boys have worn those influences on their sleeves since forming in 2015, but stretched themselves with every new song and their debut album- cut with unique quality- is finally out August 14th on Other People Records.

For fans of early Turnover, latter-day Title Fight, and all the woozy, warped rock in between.

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