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Does this count as a supergroup? Does it matter? Because while Kidbug contains erstwhile members of Swans, Best Coast, Eerie Wanda, and Dumb Numbers (with guest drums by Dale Crover, as you do), the best thing about them is a rare and intangible ingredient… Love!

Singers/guitarists Marina Tadic and Adam Harding initially met to record Christmas songs for their label, Joyful Noise, but wound up falling for each other and writing Kidbug songs instead. Songs with titles like ‘Together’ and ‘Stay’ that positively drip with new romance and good vibes.

The band describe their debut record, out last week, as “cuddlebug sludge” and that totally works. It’s lovesick, neon pink indie fuzz for fans of early Weezer, The Breeders, and anyone in dire need of a tonic for times like these.

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